Welcome to SHEIN SAVER!
The following terms and conditions ("SHEIN SAVER Terms" or "Terms"), last updated September , 2023, describe the terms and conditions that apply to the SHEIN SAVER membership program ("SHEIN SAVER Membership," "Membership,” or “Program”) and constitutes an agreement between you and SHEIN Distribution Corporation.
This membership service is under opened beta, and is only available to some users of the beta version. By becoming a member of SHEIN SAVER, you acknowledge that you have fully read and understood these SHEIN SAVER Terms, and you voluntarily agree to be bound by them. Please note that your use of the SHEIN website, mobile app, and SHEIN SAVER Membership are also governed by our Terms of Use and Privacy Policy . These Terms are incorporated by reference into the Terms of Use . These Terms are incorporated by reference into the Terms of Use, which contain applicable legal provisions and definitions of some of the terms used in these SHEIN SAVER Terms. These SHEIN SAVER Terms may be revised from time to time in accordance with applicable law.
1.1 Account Requirements
SHEIN SAVER Membership is only available to those who have a registered SHEIN User Account in good standing and who have received an invitation to join the Program. You can check whether you meet the requirements for subscribing to SHEIN SAVER through the SHEIN SAVER member-only (“Member-Only”) page .
1.2 Program Acceptance
The SHEIN SAVER membership program is administered by SHEIN Distribution Corporation, 757 S. Alameda Street, Suite 340, Los Angeles, CA 90021.
You can submit an application for subscribing to the SHEIN SAVER Membership Program by selecting SHEIN SAVER and clicking the "Join Now" bottom. Once we accept your application, and payment of Membership fee is made, you will be enrolled in the Program.
Please note that if you delete your SHEIN User Account, your SHEIN SAVER Membership and all corresponding benefits will be automatically terminated upon deletion of your SHEIN User Account, and you will not be able to unsubscribe from SHEIN SAVER Membership and/or receive any refund to which you may have been entitled under section 4.2 below. If you plan to delete your SHEIN User Account, please contact Customer Service first to apply for cancellation of your SHEIN SAVER Membership, and receive confirmation of your SHEIN SAVER Membership cancellation, before deleting your SHEIN User Account.
You understand and agree that in order to ensure that you fully enjoy the SHEIN SAVER Membership Service and avoid missing out on the information about the benefits and privileges, SHEIN may provide you with information related to the SHEIN SAVER Membership Service through EDM, APP PUSH, Message, WhatsApp, SMS and so on.
2. SHEIN SAVER Benefits
The benefits of SHEIN SAVER Membership are only available for orders placed on the SHEIN website: and/or SHEIN's mobile application available on Android or iOS systems.
2.1 SHEIN SAVER Coupon Pack
The SHEIN SAVER coupon pack consists of multiple coupons, which are distributed automatically by the system in multiple cycles.
SHEIN SAVER coupon will have a special style , you can check it on the SHEIN SAVER member-only page , or check the validity of the coupon and the conditions of application by clicking "SHEIN SAVER" filter on My Coupons page .
Issuance Rules:
The first round of coupons will be issued immediately to your account once you become a member of SHEIN SAVER. Other remaining coupons will be issued automatically to the account according to the specific issuance date displayed on the SHEIN SAVER member-only page.
● SHEIN SAVER Coupons may only be redeemed towards the purchase of products sold by SHEIN Distribution Corporation on the SHEIN website or mobile app, and may not be redeemed towards purchase of products sold by Third-Party Sellers, SHEIN gift cards, or towards the payment of taxes, shipping fees, return shipping fees, SHEIN CLUB or SHEIN SAVER Membership fees, or any other fees generated by orders. Only one (1) SHEIN SAVER Coupon can be used for each order. SHEIN SAVER Coupons cannot be combined with other promotional coupons.
● All SHEIN SAVER Coupons have certain applicable conditions and expiration dates. Unused coupons will be automatically expired and will not be replaced after expiration. If you return all items in an order with which a SHEIN SAVER Coupon was used, the SHEIN SAVER Coupon used for the order will be automatically placed back into your SHEIN User Account if it has not yet expired, and the applicable conditions and validity period of such Coupon will remain unchanged. SHEIN SAVER Coupons used in connection with an order will not be returned to your SHEIN User Account in the following cases: (i) When you return part of an order, and (ii) when the SHEIN SAVER Coupon has already expired by the date of the order refund. Please pay attention to the applicable conditions and expiration date of your SHEIN SAVER Coupon, and use it before the expiration date. All SHEIN Saver Coupons are also subject to the SHEIN Coupon Policy .
2.2 More Discounts and Additional Benefits
In addition to the above benefits, Members may receive various other discounts, the details of which we will post on our website from time to time. These additional discounts will only apply to your current Membership period.
SHEIN may at its sole discretion offer additional benefits for SHEIN SAVER Memberships. Any additional benefits under the Membership will take effect on the date specified in the announcement of such additional benefit. If you are already a SHEIN SAVER Member, you will be entitled to these additional benefits, if any, during the remaining period of your Membership.
3. How to join
3.1 Two Ways to Join
To activate the SHEIN SAVER membership service, you must first log into your SHEIN User Account, and then, can click on the "Join Now" button at the SHEIN SAVER member-only page and pay the Membership fee when prompted. You can also join the SHEIN SAVER Program by ticking the “Subscribe to SHEIN SAVER Membership” in the order process when you place an order on the Site or the App, and you can pay the Membership fee as part of your order. If you join the SHEIN SAVER Program when placing an order, the SHEIN SAVER Membership benefit(s) will apply to that order. Once your payment is completed successfully, we will confirm your Membership and your Membership Period by email and/or App push, which can be viewed on the My Orders page or the SHEIN SAVER subscription history page. If you are unable to complete your payment, you will need to manually cancel the order if you would like to be able to subscribe to SHEIN SAVER Membership before the order is automatically cancelled.
Currently, the auto-renew function is not supported for SHEIN SAVER Membership. When your Membership term is about to expire, we will notify you in advance of the expiration date through channels such as email and/or app push. You can purchase another Membership by clicking through the messages on the above channels to the SHEIN SAVER member-only page , or you can purchase another Membership by subscribing to the SHEIN SAVER Membership service during the ordering process on the website or app.
Note: The SHEIN SAVER Membership subscription and benefits purchased through a SHEIN website in any country/region is only applicable to the corresponding SHEIN website.
3.2 Sales Period
Based on market changes and business development needs, SHEIN SAVER membership services include sales period and individual purchase quantity. The sales period means that users can join SHEIN SAVER membership services within a specified time period. After the specified time period, the membership services may not be able to purchase or may changed (including but not limited to membership period/membership fees/rights and interests, etc.). The effective SHEIN SAVER membership service will remain unchanged until expiration. If you need to renew the SHEIN SAVER membership after expiration, you should re-select and pay according to the latest benefit content and/or SHEIN SAVER membership fee on the page. The individual purchase quantity refers to the number of times each user purchases SHEIN SAVER membership services within the sales period(inclue unsubscribe), and purchases will be restricted if the number exceeds. Please check the specific infomation on the SHEIN SAVER member-only page .
3.3 Methods to Pay for Membership Fee
You can pay for your SHEIN SAVER Membership fee(s) through available payment methods*, except that you may not pay for the SHEIN SAVER Membership fee by SHEIN wallet, gift card, SHEIN Points or any online payment method discount/bank discount.
*Note: Available payment methods are the existing payment methods on the Site. We reserve the right to change the payment methods.
4.1 Membership Terms
You will become a SHEIN SAVER Member immediately upon successful purchase of Membership. The term of the Membership (“Membership Period”) is automatically calculated at the time of purchase.
Example: When you purchase SHEIN SAVER membership service (valid for 93 days) on 09/05/2023 at 20:00 p.m., your Membership will take effect immediately after the payment is successful. Your Membership period is from 09/05/2023 20:00:00 pm to 12/07/2023 23:59:59 pm.
4.2 Termination of Membership
Once you have purchased a SHEIN SAVER Membership, you have the right to apply for cancellation of the Membership within 3 weekdays (the “3-Day Period”) from the day on which the Membership became effective (calculated based on the confirmation email sent to you pursuant to section 3.1). If you apply for cancellation of your Membership within the 3-Day Period and you have not used any Membership benefits, we will refund the entire Membership fee to you. If you apply for cancellation of your Membership within the 3-Day Period and you have used Membership benefits, then we have the right to withhold from your refund the value of SHEIN SAVER Membership benefits you have already used.
After the 3-day Period, you can still apply to cancel your Membership if you have not used any of your Membership benefits, in which event, we will refund your entire Membership fee to you if you apply for cancellation of the Membership within the Membership period. If you have used any of your Membership benefits, however, you will not be able to cancel your Membership after the 3-Day Period, and your Membership will continue until it expires.
When you apply to cancel your Membership, you must ensure that there is no pending order with the usage of Membership benefits pending payment. In order to apply to cancel your Membership, you must contact Customer Service to cancel your SHEIN SAVER Membership during the applicable time period as specified above. We estimate that it will take 1-2 weekdays to complete the review of your cancellation application. Note: Membership fee refund application is only for the current valid Membership period. If your SHEIN SAVER Membership has expired, you can no longer apply for a refund of Membership fee even if you did not use any of the Membership benefits.
Once your application to cancel your Membership has been approved, your SHEIN SAVER Membership will be terminated immediately, the corresponding Membership benefits will be invalidated immediately.
4.3 Refund Method
When your cancellation application is approved and if you are entitled to a refund, your applicable Membership fee will be refunded according to the original payment method. The refund will be reflected in your payment account according to the processing time of your payment institution.
4.4 Termination for Cause
SHEIN SAVER Membership services and related rights and benefits are for your personal use only, and you must ensure that you will use the SHEIN SAVER services and benefits reasonably, and shall not sell or transfer any SHEIN SAVER benefits.
SHEIN reserves the right to cancel your SHIEN SAVER Membership if it reasonably determines that you have violated any of these Terms or the Terms of Use. Any fraudulent activity or attempted manipulation or abuse of the SHEIN SAVER Membership program will result in termination of Membership and/or User Account deletion without any other notice. Upon termination of Membership, all unused coupons and unredeemed benefits associated with that Membership will be forfeited, and no refund will be made for the Membership fee.
In the event the Program must be terminated due to an unforeseeable event, SHEIN reserves the right to terminate your SHEIN SAVER Membership upon 7 days' prior notice, in which event SHEIN will issue a full refund of the Membership fee to you.