What is the refund method?
1. The refund will be sent to your SHEIN Wallet or original form of payment based on the refund method you selected.
2. If you did not select a refund method, we will proceed according to your previous preferred selection found in the refund record.
When will I receive my refund?
Once the refund has been processed, you will receive a refund notification email. Refund time depends on your refund method and bank.
How can I get a refund if my credit/debit card is no longer valid or has expired?
For security reasons, the refund will only be processed to the original card from which the payment has been deducted.
If your original card has expired or is no longer valid, you may contact the card issuer (your bank or card company) for assistance; they will still be able to receive the money on your behalf.
How to check/find and use my wallet?
Please log in to your SHEIN account→My Assets to check whether your refund has been applied to your 'Wallet.' Please make sure to log in to the correct account then click ' My Wallet .'
Wallet balances cannot be withdrawn; they can only be used towards your future purchase.
What is ARN?
ARN stands for Acquirer Reference Number. Some debit/credit cards will generate the ARN when the refund is successful. The ARN will be displayed on the 'Refund Details' page and we will also send an email to inform you of the ARN.
If you have not received your refund within the standard time frame, please use the refund Acquirer Reference Number to contact your bank for more status updates and information.
Why is the received amount less than the refund amount?
1. The bank charges a commission fee.
2. The exchange rate has changed compared to that of the payment.
If you receive less than the original amount, you may contact your bank to check the above scenarios.
Note: The original shipping fee is non-refundable.