Bonus Point

The following Bonus Point Terms and Conditions (“Bonus Point Policy” or “Bonus Point Terms”), effective as of May 22, 2024, describe the terms and conditions that apply to the SHEIN US Bonus Points (“Bonus Point(s)”, “SHEIN Point(s)”, or “Point(s)”). These Bonus Point Terms constitute an agreement between you and the issuer (“Issuer”) of Bonus Points. The Issuer is SHEIN US Services, LLC. By accepting or using Bonus Points, you agree to be bound by these Bonus Point Terms. If you do not agree with these Bonus Point Terms, do not accept or use the Bonus Points. The acceptance and use of Bonus Points are also subject to our Terms of Use . This Bonus Point Policy is incorporated by reference into the Terms of Use , which contain, among other things, applicable legal provisions, and definitions for some of the words used in this Bonus Point Policy. Subject to applicable laws, this Bonus Point Policy may be amended from time to time.
The SHEIN Points program (”SHEIN Points Program”) under which you may earn SHEIN Points operates under this Bonus Point Policy. To earn SHEIN Points, you must have a valid User Account.
SHEIN Points may only be redeemed toward the purchase of products on (the “Site”) and the SHEIN US mobile application (the “App”).
SHEIN Points have no cash value and cannot be redeemed for cash or Wallet credit. SHEIN Points are void where prohibited.
Earning SHEIN Points.
You may earn SHEIN Points through the following methods:
1. Purchases. You may earn SHEIN Points by making qualifying purchases on the Site or the App and confirming delivery of your order. Generally, you can earn 1 Point for each dollar you spend towards the purchase of a product on the Site or the App, based on the product’s listing price (inclusive of any discounts or markdowns) at the time you place your order. You must confirm delivery of your order before the Points will be awarded to your User Account. If you do not confirm delivery of your order within six (6) months after the order date, SHEIN Points will not be awarded.
SHEIN Points cannot be earned for amounts spent on taxes, shipping fees, and other fees associated with an order.
2. Other Activities. You may earn SHEIN Points through the following activities:
  • Confirming Registration. If you confirm your User Account registration by verifying your email address, you will receive up to 100 Points.
  • Reviewing Products. If you post a review of an item you have purchased on SHEIN, you may earn up to 17 Points per item. Your review must meet minimum text requirements and comply with SHEIN’s policy on use of our Services and applicable law. Points for posting reviews are earned as follows:
    • A review alone earns 5 Points
    • A review with a photo of the product being reviewed earns 10 additional points (15 total Points)
    • A review with size information earns 2 additional points (17 total Points).
  • Participating in App Activities. You may earn Points by participating in various App activities or promotions, as specified in the terms of the respective activity or promotion.
  • Participating in the Check-In Program. You will earn Points by taking part in the Check-In program.
Tuning into a Livestream. You may earn Points if you tune into a SHEIN livestream event, while logged into your User Account, during which we may award Points at our sole discretion.
SHEIN Points Expiration.
Each set of SHEIN Points has an expiration date. Points will expire if you do not redeem them by their specified expiration date. If your Points expire, you will no longer be able to redeem them.
Viewing SHEIN Points.
SHEIN Points are viewable by logging into your SHEIN User Account and clicking the “My Points” section under the “My Assets” section of your User Account. This will display your then-current SHEIN Points balance.
Redeeming SHEIN Points.
SHEIN Points can only be redeemed towards the purchase of products on the Site or the App, and cannot be used towards shipping costs, taxes or fees.
You can use Points to deduct up to a maximum of 50% of the total price of your order (excluding shipping, taxes or fees). Points redeemed will be deducted from your Points balance until it reaches zero.
When you redeem your SHEIN Points, the Points that are set to expire soonest will be used first.
SHEIN Points are personal to you and cannot be assigned, conveyed, or otherwise transferred to anyone. Any assignment, conveyance or other transfer of Points may, at SHEIN's discretion, result in: (i) the cancellation of the affected Points; and/or (ii) the termination of your User Account.
Points may only be redeemed on the SHEIN site from which they were originally obtained (e.g., if you earn points on SHEIN US Site or App, those Points can only be redeemed on SHEIN US Site or App).
Order Cancellation, Returns and Refunds.
1. If an unpaid order is cancelled, any Points applied to the unpaid order will be credited to your Points balance.
2. If you use Points for an order and then successfully return item(s) from that order, your Points balance will be credited, on a pro-rated basis, for any Points used to reduce the purchase price of the returned item(s), unless the original Points have already expired.
3. If you earn Points from an order after confirming receipt of the order, and then you return item(s) from that order, any Points earned from the order will be deducted, on a pro-rated basis, from your Points balance. If your Points balance does not have sufficient Points, a negative figure will appear, which can be offset by earning more Points. A negative Points balance does not create or impose any requirements or obligations for you, except for offsetting future Points earned until the Points balance reaches zero.
Deduction of Points.
If we determine at our reasonable discretion that any Points were earned through fraudulent activity, we have the right to deduct such Points from your Points balance.
Subject to applicable laws, SHEIN reserves the right to terminate the SHEIN Points Program at any time for any reason upon reasonable notice to you. If your SHEIN User Account is terminated or closed, any Points in your SHEIN User Account will be canceled, subject to applicable laws, and you will no longer have the ability to redeem or otherwise use them.