About My Wallet

1. What Is My Wallet?
It is a virtual wallet linked to your SHEIN User Account where you will be able to store and access your Wallet Credits and your Promotional Wallet Credits.
Wallet Credit may be provided to you when you return items that you purchased on the Site or App in accordance with our Return Policy and choose a Wallet Credit in lieu of a refund to your original payment method.
Promotional Wallet Credit may be provided to you if you participate in promotional activities on the Site or the App, such as in-app Games and the Check-In program, and earn Promotional Wallet Credit according to the terms and conditions of such promotional activities.
2. How To Use My Wallet?
You may view your wallet balance by signing onto your SHEIN User Account and clicking “My Wallet” under “My Assets” or at checkout. You may apply your SHEIN wallet balance to a purchase on SHEIN subject to the Terms , excluding the purchase of a SHEIN CLUB membership. Your Wallet Credit balance will first be applied to the purchase price of the eligible items in your order. If the price of the eligible items in your order is more than the balance of your Wallet Credit, then we will apply your Promotional Wallet Credit to the purchase price.
3. Can I still pay with my wallet if I have already applied bonus points and/or a coupon code?
Yes! You may use your wallet balance as well as a coupon and/or bonus points, subject to the Terms .
4. Can I Withdraw The Money From My Wallet?
Wallet Credits and Promotional Wallet Credits cannot be redeemed for cash.
5. Can I Transfer My Wallet Balance To Another SHEIN Account?
Wallet Balance can not be transferred from one SHEIN User Account to another SHEIN User Account.
6. I Never Used The Wallet Balance. Why Is It Empty?
If you checked out with your wallet balance but did not complete the transaction, the balance applied will stay with the unpaid order. To restore the balance, simply cancel the order by clicking the CANCEL button in My Orders, and the balance will be returned to your wallet.