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* In most cases, the package will be delivered within the estimated time of arrival. However, the actual delivery date may be affected by flight arrangements, weather conditions and other external factors. Please refer to the tracking information for the most accurate delivery date. The specific time is subject to the official website/notice of the logistics company.
* If you find that your package has not been delivered, please contact customer service to verify within 45 days of the order date. If the tracking information shows that your package has been successfully delivered but you have not received it, please contact customer service to check within 7 days since the package status updated as "delivered", the situation beyond 7 days will not be accepted. For orders, products, and other logistical issues, please contact customer service within 90 days of the order date.
* Please click the "Confirm Delivery" button within 6 months (from the date of shipment). After that, the button will turn gray and cannot be used to get additional points.
*The On-Time Delivery Guarantee service entitles you to receive 300 SHEIN points if your order doesn't arrive by the expected date. Please refer to On-Time Delivery Guarantee Terms and Conditions for more details.