Review Guidance

(1) Meet the word count, +5 points
(2) Upload image(s), +10 points
(3) Enter complete sizing info, +2 points
1. Description:describe how the product feels, type of fabric, usage...and whether you recommend it or not. Provide other customers with valuable information.
2. Attach a photo: you can upload a clear photo of the product. Even better if it's a photo showing the upper body wearing the product. Shows how the product actually looks in real life.
3. Not too short, not too long: Written reviews should be at least 20 words and are limited to 1,000 words. The ideal length is 75 to 500 words.
Upload 3 images
Use the comment tags
Ensure images are clear
How can my review be selected to be featured in GAL & Style Gallery?
When your review is selected to be featured, you will receive an additional 50 points.
Tips: Include a try-on image and make sure all the images are clear will increase your chance of getting featured.
If your review does not comply with these guidelines, it may be rejected or removed.
We are unable to accept the following feedback:
1. Reviews that are not about the product
2. Reviews that contain inappropriate or offensive content
3. Inappropriate Content – Reviews may not contain obscenities, profanity, phone numbers, mailing addresses, non-including SHEIN URLs, videos with watermarks, or other people's material (including excessive quoting)
4. Hate Speech & Offensive Content – We don't allow reviews that express intolerance for people belonging to identity groups including race, gender, religion, sexual preference, or nationality. Customers are allowed to comment on products and question the expertise of authors, sellers, or other customers as long as it is in a non-threatening manner.
5. Promotion of Illegal Conduct – Reviews may not encourage or support behavior that is illegal, including violence, illegal drug use, underage drinking, and child or animal abuse.
1. You can comment on the order within 180 days after placing the order. You will not be able to comment after 180 days.
2. Products with the same SKU in the order can only be evaluated once;
3. Submitted text comments will be reviewed within 72 hours and published after passing the review; image comments need to be submitted manually, please wait patiently.
Sincerity: We welcome your honest opinions about our products. We won't delete comments because they are important. We believe all useful information can help our customers make purchasing decisions.