SHEIN Bonus Point Policy

The following terms and conditions (“Bonus Point Policy” or “Bonus Point Terms”), last updated on March 1, 2023, apply to the SHEIN Canada bonus points (“Bonus Point(s)”, “SHEIN Point(s)”, or “Point(s)”). By accepting or using Bonus Points, you agree to be bound by these Bonus Point Terms. If you do not agree with these Bonus Point Terms, do not accept, or use the Bonus Points. The acceptance and use of Bonus Points are subject to our Terms of Use , an agreement which contains, among other things, applicable legal provisions and definitions for some of the words used in this Bonus Point Policy. Capitalized terms not defined in these Bonus Point Terms shall have the meaning set out in the Terms of Use .
NOTICE OF ARBITRATION PROVISIONS: Some jurisdictions, such as the province of Quebec, do not allow arbitration or class action waivers in certain circumstances; so the following may not apply to you. To the extent permitted by applicable law, your acceptance and use of the Bonus Points are subject to binding individual arbitration of any disputes which may arise, as provided in the Terms of Use which also means that you waive your right to participate in any class action. Please read the arbitration provisions in the Terms of Use carefully.
For details with respect to how we collect, use and disclose your personal information, please review our Privacy Policy .
Subject to applicable laws, this Bonus Point Policy may be amended from time to time.
The SHEIN Points program ( ” SHEIN Points Program” ) under which you may earn SHEIN Points operates under this Bonus Point Policy unless expressly stated otherwise. As a condition of your participation in the SHEIN Points Program, you acknowledge and agree that you are responsible for reading and understanding the Bonus Point Policy, SHEIN Points Program Rules, and communications from SHEIN (including rules/terms specific to various promotions offering Points), and SHEIN’s Terms of Use and Privacy Policy .
To earn SHEIN Points, you must first register with SHEIN and create a user account ( “User Account” ). You will not be eligible to participate in the SHEIN Points Program if you had a User Account which was previously terminated or suspended from the SHEIN Points Program.
SHEIN Points have no cash value and cannot be redeemed for cash or credit. SHEIN Points are void where prohibited.
SHEIN Points earned on or through (the “Site”) or the SHEIN Canada mobile application (the “App”) may be redeemed only toward the purchase of products on the Site or the App.
Frequently Asked Questions.
To address a few common questions, please consult this FAQ.
  • How do I earn SHEIN Points? For each eligible purchase on the Site or the App, you can earn SHEIN Points. Generally, you earn 1 SHEIN Point for each Canadian dollar you spend. Earned SHEIN Points will not be reflected in your SHEIN User Account unless such Points have been awarded to you as specified below.
  • How are SHEIN Points awarded to me for my purchases? Before SHEIN Points appear in your SHEIN User Account, you must login into your SHEIN User Account and confirm delivery of your order within six (6) months after purchase date. If you do not confirm delivery, Points will not be awarded.
  • Do my SHEIN Points expire? Yes. Points issued by us will expire if you do not redeem them within 12 months of earning them. We will send you at least 30 days' notice before any such points expire.
    If your points expire in accordance with the above terms, they will be deleted from your account, and you will no longer be able to use or redeem them.
  • Can I use Points earned from the Site or the App on other SHEIN affiliated sites? No. Points earned on the Site or the App can only be used on the Site or the App.
  • How do I see my Points balance? Your Points balance is available in your User Account. To view your balance, login to your SHEIN account and check out “My Points” under the “My Assets” section of your User Account.
Earning SHEIN Points.
You may earn SHEIN Points through the following actions:
1. You may earn SHEIN Points by making purchases on the Site or the App. The number of Points you earn will be based on the price of the product you purchase. You earn 1 Point for each US dollar you spend towards the purchase of a product on the Site or the App., using the product’s listing price (inclusive of any discounts or markdowns) at the time you place your order. SHEIN Points will not be awarded to you until you confirm delivery of your order. If you do not confirm delivery of your order within six (6) months after the purchase date, SHEIN Points will not be awarded.
You will not earn SHEIN Points for amounts spent on taxes, shipping fees, and other costs associated with your order.
2. Here are some additional ways to earn SHEIN Points:
  • Confirming your registration. If you confirm your User Account registration by verifying your email address, you will receive up to 100 Points.
  • Reviewing products. You can earn up to 17 Points per item by posting a review of an item you have purchased. To be eligible for Points, your review must meet minimum text requirements and comply with SHEIN’s policies and terms on use of our Services and applicable law. Points are earned as follows:
    • A review alone earns 5 Points
    • A review with a photo of the product being reviewed earns 10 additional points (or 15 total Points)
    • A review with a photo and size information earns 2 additional points (or 17 total Points).
  • Daily Check-in. You can earn Points by participating in SHEIN’s Daily Check-in on the App every day for 7 consecutive days. If you miss a day, your Check-in tracker will reset to 0 consecutive days. Also, your Check-in tracker will also automatically reset to 0 consecutive days following your seventh consecutive Check-in. The App Check-in promotions will include additional details on the number of Points available to customers during the applicable, seven-day Check-in window.
  • Participate in Other App Activities. When you scan SHEIN QR code to open our App or join various other campaigns, you can earn points as specified in the respective promotions.
  • Contests; sweepstakes. If you participate in contests, sweepstakes, or games on the Site or the App, you may be eligible to earn Points as specified in the terms and conditions of such contests, sweepstakes, or games.
  • Tune into a Livestream. You may earn Points if you tune into a SHEIN livestream event. We may award Points during livestream events randomly at our sole discretion. You must be logged into the Livestream and using your SHEIN account to be eligible to earn Points by tuning into a livestream event.
  • Other Events. SHEIN may host other promotions, events, or opportunities where you may have a chance to earn Points. Point amounts and other eligibility requirements (if any) will be set forth in the individual promotions, events, or opportunities. Check the Site and the App regularly for such additional opportunities.
  • Participate in Show contests.
    1. Participate in Show contests and posts based on the given theme Each post will earn you 5 points (up to 10 points per day).
    2. If your post is selected as a featured piece by SHEIN editors, you will earn a bonus of 50 points.
3. By submitting any Submissions to SHEIN, you acknowledge and agree that SHEIN shall have a right and license to such Submissions, as further detailed in the Terms of Use.
SHEIN shall have the right, and not the obligation, to use any Submissions (as contemplated above). For the avoidance of doubt, SHEIN may elect (i) not to use your Submissions or (ii) to remove them from our website(s) at any time for any reason or for no reason at all.
For details with respect to how we collect, use and disclose your personal information, please review our Privacy Policy .
Users caught using plagiarized reviews, stolen photos, fake photos, or inappropriate photos or reviews may have their photos and/or reviews removed and flagged. This is strictly forbidden and may result in the termination of your SHEIN User Account.
Redeeming SHEIN Points.
SHEIN Points have NO CASH VALUE, and they cannot be redeemed, withdrawn, or exchanged for cash or store credit. SHEIN Points are promotional discounts that can only be used to reduce the price of an eligible product offered on the Site or the App, excluding shipping, insurance, taxes, and other discounts or costs at the rate of $1 USD for every 100 Points redeemed.
You can use the Points to deduct up to a maximum of 70% of the total price of your order (excluding shipping, insurance, taxes and other costs and discounts, including any discounts resulting from the redemption of any coupons).
Some additional rules:
1.When you redeem your SHEIN Points, the Points that will expire earliest will be used first;
2.Points may not be exchanged, transferred or converted to and from another loyalty program; and
3.Any benefits associated with SHEIN Points are personal to you and cannot be assigned, conveyed, traded, bartered, willed, or otherwise transferred to anyone, except as may be authorized by SHEIN, at its sole discretion. Any assignment, conveyance, or other transfer of Points in violation of this Bonus Point Policy may, at SHEIN's discretion, result in: (i) the cancellation of the affected Points; and/or (ii) the termination of your User Account.
About viewing SHEIN Points.
SHEIN Points are viewable by logging into your SHEIN User Account, and clicking the “My Points” section under the “My Assets” section of your User Account. This will display your then current SHEIN Points balance. You can only view the points balance for the SHEIN site for which you have currently logged in. If you have any questions regarding your Points, please contact our Customer Services Platform .
Daily Point limit.
You cannot earn more than an aggregate of 8,000 Points every 24 hours. In addition, the chart below specifies the maximum number of Points that you may earn by each activity listed:
Daily Point Limit
Purchases Up to 8,000 Points every 24 hours
Comments Up to 2,000 Points every 24 hours
Check-Ins Up to 100 Points every 24 hours
Livestream Events Up to 500 Points every 24 hours
Surveys Up to 200 Points every 24 hours
Point Adjustments.
SHEIN has the right to correct any errors and make any necessary adjustments, at any time and, with or without notice, including if any Points have been: (i) erroneously or fraudulently earned or credited to your User Account; or (ii) earned at an incorrect rate.
SHEIN may also refuse to allow you to redeem Points, reverse any transaction involving a redemption of Points, or deduct additional Points from your User Account where an error in the Points required for the redemption existed at the time of the redemption.
Please note that these rights may be exercised regardless of whether the error occurred through an act or omission by (i) SHEIN, (ii) any of its affiliates or service providers, or (iii) any third parties.
Cancellation, Returns and Refunds.
1. If an unpaid order is cancelled, any Points applied to your unpaid purchase will be credited back to your Points balance.
2. Upon a validly processed return, your Point balance will be credited for any Points used to reduce the purchase price of the returned item, unless the Points have already expired. If it is a partial return, Points will be returned on a prorated basis.
3. If your return has been validly processed after you have confirmed receipt, any Points earned from your returned order will be deducted from your User Account.
Subject to applicable laws, SHEIN reserves the right to terminate the SHEIN Points Program at any time for any or no reason upon reasonable notice to you. You may close your account at any time without cost or penalty. You should redeem your Points prior to such termination. Subject to applicable laws, any Points in your account at the time your account is terminated for any reason (including a breach of our Terms) will be canceled, and you will no longer have the ability to redeem or otherwise use them.