Rating Rules

Rating Rules
SHEIN has a comprehensive rating system for products based on dimensions such as shipping, product quality, and user satisfaction.
1. What does the star mean?
The total score of a product is 5.
A score of 4-5 means that most users are satisfied with the products they purchased.
A score of 1-3 means that most users indicate that there is still room for improvement.
Every rating of yours is extremely important to us. We will not hide low-rating comments, making sure the rating is real. We are committed to providing better products and shopping experiences for you.
2. How is the rating calculated?
3. How is each rating calculated?
For some products, we provide attributes for rating from multiple dimensions in order to help you know about the product more easily and accurately. You can rate products on product quality, breathability, softness, easy-to-use, and other aspects; we will calculate the average ratings by all users. The total score is 5.
1. Why do some products not have ratings?
New products might not have ratings after they are launched. Product ratings will be available only after there are reviews by real users.
You can purchase the item and write your objective review.
2. Why do some products have limited rating attributes?
Some products have clear category attributes, which can be reflected in the objective rating; certainly, you can view the reviews to acquire useful tips for purchase.