Go for a color you haven’t tried to use before. Here is a shade that will push your look into the rocker girl trend. Add a moto jacket and distressed denim to match the lips!


Add bright colors into your inner corners of the eyes, it instantly brightens your face to give off a celestial look.


Brows are the frame to your face. Use some color and a spooly to make them as bushy and tailored as you want. Brow goals: Frida Kahlo, now and forever rock those brows!


Love lashes? Us too! There are various lengths and styles to choose from; plus they come with a side of diva and sass.


At the moment drawing like Picasso! Use this liner to try something new like adding stars, or lightning bolts at the end.


Makeup with different textures? Apply it with different tools to find what works best! This is our fave, has us feeling like pros. Plus it comes with sponge for our liquid foundation!


Here is a mascara for top and bottom lashes! Also allows us to give the best side-eyes to roommates and pets.


If you have been debating whether to cut your hair, try this for a change in both look and style. Top it off with your favorite wig to have the ultimate baddie lifestyle at home.


Lastly indulging your new alter ego, we’ve added some temporary tattoos. Rebel out to your inner baddie! And as always have fun, bye Babes!

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